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 what if's..:)

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what if's..:) Empty
PostSubject: what if''s..:)   what if's..:) I_icon_minitimeFri May 15, 2009 7:27 am

1. what if nagiba ang kasarian mo? ano gagawin mo?
`f i were a boy??il love my girl so much..:)do everythng for her..give my time,myself and my life to her..weeh! I love you bounce I love you

2. what if liligawan ka ng crush mo?
`aw gsto ko yan!hahaa..pero kung taken na ako sori na lng ung crush ko..ahehehee affraid

3. what if wala kang BF or GF sino gusto mo maging BF o GF?
`hahaa!! id still choose him..Smile

4. what if yung favorite number mo letter pala?
`huh??ahh..i thnk gets ko na..pag pumili ako # dn ang laman is letter pla??uhmm mata touch xmpre.hahaa!

5. what if yung pinapangarap mong girl/boy napunta sa bestfriend mo?
`ok lng..id feel hapee for them..hehe..xmpre hape ung crush ko and at d same time hapee best kO!wee!so much happiness dba?ehee

1. sino iniisip mo?
-panu ko to masasgutan ng yes or no??hahahaa

2. do you smoke?

3. do you like someone?

4. do write poems?

5. are you emo?

1. what do you think about emo?
-ok lng..its dr choice to become as such..Smile hapee sila solet it be..pakialaman ba pati emo?hahaa..

2. where do you live?
-at him..Smile

3. how many comments do you have?

4. do you play dota?

5. if yes then who's your hero?
-i dont play nga

-dota..:)kc ang dota napapaglaruan pero ang love? HINDI!!!hahaaha lol! lol! *banat*

7. what are you listening to right now?
-crazy over u..hehee

8. are you happy?
-sumhow..i guess..haaay

9. who or what makes you happy?
-no cmmnt..for now my sis and my familia65 makes me hapee flower

10. Are you a good kisser?
-hahaaa!!good is not enuf..GREAT is d ryt term dear..hahaa.. affraid

11. what do you think about skaters?

12. do you agree with euthanasia(mercy killing)?

13. what do you want in your birthday?
-uhm..i want happiness..wholeday unending happiness..:)w/ him..Smile

14. what are you using right now? laptop or desktop?

15. your fav. line in a song.
-im not asking for too much baby juz stick around..4ever
-ibigin mo ako ngaun at bukas ay iwnan mo ako,ng magndang alala sa aking pag iisa..Smile
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what if's..:)
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